So here it is!! The Museum de Carnivale! My entry to the istd competition, logo, the booklet, invitation & fliers I made up for my entry. There was a few other things like a website and stuff but this is the important stuff. 
Brief/Project: The Museum of the Circus is coming and you are asked to provide the branding and publicity for the building. You must create the name, logo and applied identity for the Museum of the Circus. The name & style of the museum is optional, I chose to change it to help me with my concept and creation.
The concept behind the Travelling Museum de Carnivale is that rather than museum showcasing the history of American originated travelling carnivals, it offers attendees the opportunity to experience a museum in the form of a travelling carnival. The museum is inspired by the whimsical travelling carnivals that brought joy to the world throughout the 1930’s depression era. The Travelling Museum de Carnivale travels around the world like an authentic travelling carnival and sets up in the fairgrounds for one month per location before hitting the road again, just like the original carnivals would. The museum is booked to appear in a town or city where it will set up and live on designated areas. The carnival features equipment which is authentic, collected throughout the years, or modelled authentically to match.
The design process I took for branding the Travelling Museum de Carnivale was was to use texture and colours which I derived from the atmosphere and environment found within the dusty midways of the travelling carnivals from the depression era. A lot of people associate carnivals and circus with bright colours but the original carnivals from the era’s of the early 1900’s were a lot less colourful, they were dirty and dusty. The way that I perceived the carnivals, including the fact that they were a wonderful source of fun and entertainment in such a depressing era, was as magic and beauty ontop of dirt, both literally and figuratively. I wanted to keep my designs stylized and true to this theme, using lots of textures, dirty colours but still keeping a whimsical touch to the designs to keep the magic of the carnivals through them.

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